Gluten and (added) Sugar Free Chocolate Brownies

People have been asking me for this recipe for ages, so apologies for delay, call it technophobia of not sure I could remember how to add a new blog page.  This recipe was originally from Lorraine Kelly online, but I have adapted it a lot so feel I can now call it my own.  I love this recipe.  It freezes well, so can defrost individual slices as needed.


Large (not so ripe) Banana


Large cooked Beetroot (or 2 small, I buy the ready cooked vacuum packed ones)


200g Dates (chopped and soaked for 30mins + in 1/2 tsp bicarb and 80ml hot water)


60g of Cocoa Powder (this creates a dark brownie, if you want really dark use 70g)


75g Ground Almonds


50g Plain Flour (I use gluten free)


130g Butter (chopped)


3 Medium Eggs (or 2 Large)


Salt and vanilla essense


(Any added extras you want like nuts, or cranberries, cocoa nibs etc)


Preheat Oven to 180 and bake for 30 minutes in a square 25 cm deep cake tin (I have a silicon one I use which means no greasing or lining the tin)


This recipe is so easy as it can all be made in a food processor.


Plan ahead and presoak the dates for at least 30 minutes.


Then blend the dates and banana and beetroot in a food processor until fully blended.


Then add the eggs and chopped butter.  Then add the dry ingredients.  Don’t forget the salt and vanilla essence if desired.


You will end up with a very runny cake mixture.  Put into your tin and place in preheated oven.


Check cake after 25 minutes, look to see if the top of the cake has thickened and there is some springiness.  If not cook a bit longer.  It is a very forgiving cake, I have never messed it up.  If you under cook it it will be very moist with no crumb texture (yes been watching too much bake off), if you over cook it it will be more cake like but dryer and you will start fantasising about butter cream.  (I have never done it but butter cream on this would be amazing).