I am passionate about helping people be well and vibrant.

My desire to help people came from my childhood when I was seriously ill for several years.  I learnt that someone who has lost their health has only one dream – To Be Well.

I love to help people achieve their goals and not be held back by their body.

Initially I trained as an Holistic Therapist doing therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and reflexology.  I worked for a year as a massage therapist before training as an Osteopath.  I graduated in 2008.  Since graduation I have pursued post graduate study in cranial osteopathy (especially the Biodynamic approach), headache and migraine prevention, trauma and chronic pain.  

My aim is to continue to develop as a therapist who can treat your aches, pains and restrictions, getting you well and keeping you there with knowledgeable advice.

I was originally following a path to be an artist and did a first class degree in Modern Art History.  Painting is my main hobby in my spare time.  I love gardening and animals, especially my cat Lara.